St. Louis County Hardie Plank

St. Louis County
Hardie Plank Installation by Amazing Siding in St. Louis

Amazing Siding in St. Louis County Installs Hardie Plank

Residents of St. Louis County, Hardie Plank installation service is available from your local,
hometown contractor Amazing
Siding in St. Louis
(Ellisville, Missouri).  In business since 1990, Amazing Siding is a contractor in good-standing
with the area’s local Chambers of Commerce and also with the Better Business Bureau.
In fact, we are a multiple recipient of the BBB Torch Award.  Amazing Siding
maintains full industry affiliations in the HBA and NARI.  Qualified
magazine has also recognized Amazing Siding in St. Louis as a
“Top Performing Siding Company.”  You don’t have to believe us, feel free to review
local customer testimonials
about our work performed
in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

As your local installers of Hardie Plank in St. Louis
County and St. Charles, we can ensure that as local siding contractor, we will
install Hardie Plank according to James Hardie Industries manufacturer’s specifications.
of the installation, we take the care to ensure that your home’s exterior wood walls
are prepared (and repaired if needed) and ready for professional siding installation.
We install siding with commercial-grade installation materials and seal siding
boards and seams with contractor-grade urethane sealants.  We also hand-nail
every contractor-grade nail that we use during your siding installation.

Louis County Hardie Plank Installation by Amazing Siding

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Choose You House Siding from Four Quality Siding Lines

Amazing Siding installs high-end,
residential siding brands
in St. Louis County and in
St. Charles.  Each house siding line offers a different siding board substrate
composition.  Each substrate provides homeowners with specific performance
attributes and benefits.  All of our siding options are superior house lines
and all are superior to inferior wood house siding.

Our exterior siding includes the very popular James
Hardie Plank Siding
, from James Hardie Industries, the
originator of cement
fiberboard siding
.  This type of home siding is currently the
most popular siding in the U.S.A.  Actually, the estimates are that over 4
million homes now have cement fiberboard siding.  We install our own exclusive house
siding brand, Amazing
Plank Acrylic Siding
, which is an impermeable, insulated Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate (ASA)/acrylic
siding.  Amazing Siding also installs APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
from Marvin® Siding; and we
install a high-end residential vinyl
that is fabricated from virgin vinyl materials, which
offers a superior substrate compared not inferior vinyl grades or recycled vinyl

James Hardie Plank Siding Is Engineered and Fabricated
to Last!

If you are in the market for siding in St. Louis County,
Hardie Plank is one of your best options.  James Hardie Plank Siding is engineered
to last for decades, and variant formulations have been tested for up to century
for use in Australia’s dry, hot, arid, high-UV exposure interior and desert
Outback.  Amazing Siding recommends that any homeowner in St. Louis County
consider installing durable Hardie Plank.  If you are interested in environmentally
friendly, non-combustible, and energy-efficient exterior siding products designed
to last—and that eliminate painting and touch up chores—then you consider
installing this completely recyclable cement fiberboard.

Hardie Board offers St. Louis County homeowners a wide
range of specific benefits, customization options, and a siding product that will
probably not have to be replaced during the first 40-50 years after
installation.  In fact, James Hardie Industries offers some of the longest
siding materials warranties in the business, even for difficult areas including
soffits, eaves, trim areas, or for in and around vents and air in-take

Some of the specific benefits to a St. Louis County
Hardie Plank installation include:

  • A cement fiberboard house
    siding engineered with exceptional performance attributes
  • Currently the most
    popular exterior siding in the U.S.A. (over 4 million installations!)
  • An ecologically friendly
    siding from original base materials fabrication, to the manufacturing
    procedures, to final disposition of siding or recycling decades later
  • An environmentally friendly
    manufacturing process:  siding is fabricated using base substrate
    materials that include Portland cement, cellulose fibers, ground sands and
    additive materials
  • An exterior siding that
    is fully recyclable upon completion of the product’s engineered life cycle
  • An essentially impermeable
    siding that helps prevent moisture intrusion, stands up to mold, mildew
    and even a wide variety of forms of insect damage
  • An exterior siding
    with a good insulation value (R-value)
  • A non-combustible siding
    substrate that repeatedly withstands standardized one-hour fire tests—be
    sure to ask your insurer for any applicable discounts for fire resistance
  • The longest siding
    board lengths in the St. Louis market—this reduces the number of seams,
    thus reducing areas for water penetration, but also the fewer seams offer
    a more uniform appearance, and you may wind up using less siding than lines
    with shorter boards
  • Low maintenance siding
    that eliminates painting and touch up chores

A few of the truly
remarkable, unique benefits of a St. Louis County Hardie Plank installation

  • Customizable exterior
    siding—your St. Louis County Hardie Plank’s performance attributes relative
    to weather and climate conditions are customizable for improved
    performance over the years
  • True climate
    customization of your exterior siding takes into account major local
    climate variables
  • Climate customization
    of board substrate composition actually factors in up to eight specific

    • Improve performance
      relative to seasonal temperature extremes and
      localized, seasonal thermal cycling over the year
    • Ultraviolet light
      (UV-light) exposure amounts—UV-light fades paint, but Hardie Plank’s proprietary
      painting processes offer up to a 30% improved
      performance over other brands)—Hardie Plank paint
      show very little fading over the first 20-25 years after installation
    • Seasonal precipitation/moisture
      level extremes and annual rainfall amounts (customize siding for wet
      climate, a moderate climate or even for a dry, arid environments for
    • Humidity level extremes
    • Major seasonal weather
      extremes including high winds, storms and torrential rainfall (this
      siding has a high wind load capacity)
    • A high impact
      resistance, specifically a high hail impact resistance and resistance to
      wind-/storm-blown debris
    • Snowfall and/or extreme
      winter precipitation levels
    • Local topographical
      features that alter local climate patterns
  • Siding climate customization offers St. Louis County homeowners improved overall energy
    efficiency regardless of hot or cold temperatures and localized thermal
    cycling conditions—this siding is essential thermally non-conductive

James Hardie Industries offers additional, truly unique manufacturing processes that

  • A
    truly innovative painting process, aka ColorPlus® Technology, that
    offers a uniform color to siding boards by employing a superior painting
    application process—paint is baked-on in multiple layers

    • ColorPlus®
      Technology is a proprietary painting application process
    • ColorPlus®
      Technology is superior to most contractor-applied field painting techniques,
      even when using professional/commercial-grade paints
    • ColorPlus®
      Technology provides St. Louis County residents with one the widest color palettes
      in the industry

Be sure to ask your Amazing Siding representative about
current James Hardie Industries materials warranties.  Hardie Plank is
engineered to last for at least 50 years (soffits, eaves and trim boards have a
20-year warranty).  James Hardie Industries engineered cement fiberboard over 100
years ago to withstand the extreme environmental and climate conditions of
Australia’s Outback.  Hardie Plank is a proven, effective home improvement
product, ideal for installation throughout St. Louis County.

Amazing Siding installs the longest siding board lengths
in the St. Louis market; the longer board lengths reduce the total number of
seams, thus reducing the chances of moisture penetration into insulation
materials or exterior wall wood.  This also reduces insect damage while offering
homeowners a finished installation with a uniform appearance.

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Plank Installation

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Amazing Siding Installs Insulation Materials,
a Home Weatherization Wrap and Additional Exterior Products

Amazing Siding installs commercial-grade insulation
, backer boards and/or foam boards, and a complete
home weatherization wrap—Tyvek’s HomeWrap with every installation.  We prepare
your exterior in order to properly install your St. Louis County Hardie Plank siding
boards according to manufacturer guidelines.  Also, we utilize contractor-grade
nails and commercial-grade urethane sealants with exterior siding. You can always
rely on your St. Louis County Hardie Plank installer Amazing Siding.

We recommend that you opt to install your new Hardie
Plank along with any additional exterior.  To achieve the best siding seals, be
sure to replace any frames, doors, windows and other exterior products such as gutter
guards.  Amazing Siding installs energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR-rated, replacement
with a Solar Low E, microscopic silver
coating; and we install new kiln-dried,
ProVia entryway doors
and weather stripping.  These
high-performance windows have fusion-welded, PVC/vinyl window frames.

If you are in the market for new roofing, Amazing
Siding can install architectural shingles, specialty shingles, 3-tab asphalt
shingles or metal roofing.  Also, be sure to install new
gutter guards
to protect your new exterior siding.

St. Louis County Hardie Plank Installation Warranty Coverage and

Amazing Siding offers customers in St. Louis County a workmanship satisfaction guarantee
on your finalized Hardie Plank Siding installation.  We offer St. Louis area homeowners great service with a
commitment to install Hardie Plank correctly.  We pay attention to all installation details and install and seal
your exterior siding according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Amazing Siding’s exterior siding brands have substantial manufacturer warranties, particularly products from James
Hardie Industries.

Siding’s service area for St. Louis County Hardie Plank installation includes
the communities of St. Louis, and St. Louis County communities, suburbs and
neighborhoods including in Chesterfield, Manchester, Fenton, Ellisville,
Wildwood, Ballwin, Valley Park, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Sunset Hills, Webster,
Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, Fenton, Crestwood, Town and Country, Brentwood,
Richmond Heights, Clayton, Frontenac, Ladue, University City, Maryland Heights,
and elsewhere in the market.  Amazing Siding customers welcome to apply to finance siding installation.

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