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Charles Siding Prices for High-End Residential Exterior Siding

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With a wide range of products to choose, St. Charles
siding prices, materials costs, and labor estimates for high-end residential
exterior siding can vary widely.  Choose a local, St. Louis metropolitan, siding
installation contractor with experience in the local market.  Amazing Siding in St. Louis
(Ellisville) assists customers with deciding what siding products will work
best architecturally, and also have the desired performance attributes.

In business since 1990, we will gladly help our
neighbors determine the brand of siding, how architectural elements affect
installation and materials costs, the amount of exterior siding required for
the job, and the amount siding and insulation materials are necessary.  Amazing
Siding also performs minor repairs to exterior wood walls once your old siding
is removed.  We want each customer to have a long-lasting installation that
does not warp or perform poorly.

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Consider All of the Expenses to Determine St. Charles Siding Prices

There are many factors to consider when determining your
overall St. Charles siding prices and labor costs. Amazing Siding installation
personnel will take the time and care to install correctly one of the new, exterior house siding
that we stock.  Our personnel are thoroughly trained in utilizing
specific manufacturer instructions and guidelines.

We consider the following and additional factors when
determining an installation bid.  Your St. Louis or St. Charles siding prices also
depend on the brand you choose and the overall size of your residence.  The main
factors that affect prices include:

  • The actual cost of the exterior siding brand that you choose to install
  • The type of siding that you choose for installation
  • Siding with specific desired performance attributes or customization can dramatically alter
    your overall bid—for example, all of our siding eliminate painting tasks
  • Total siding square footage required for proper installation
  • Total number of siding pieces—we install the longest lengths available reducing seams
    and usually some materials costs
  • Repairs to your home’s exterior wood once your old siding is removed
  • Cost of a total home weatherization wrap and the brand quality—we use the best,
    specifically Tyvek HomeWrap
  • Total insulation
    for your exterior siding installation
  • The amount of professional-grade, acrylic urethane sealants, contractor-grade nails,
    and other installation supplies
  • Architectural complexity—installing siding on, or working around difficult architectural
    elements such as eaves
    and overhangs
    , trim areas, soffits, window or door frames increases
    labor costs, and requires cut-to-length siding
  • Total labor costs for your home improvement project

Choosing a reputable, local St. Louis contractor in good-standing with local Chambers of Commerce
and the Better Business Bureau offers homeowners
the peace-of-mind that they will receive an accurate bid.

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Consider the Products to Install—This Affects St. Charles Siding Prices

Amazing Siding of St. Louis installs four very durable,
long-lasting, exterior siding lines.  These siding products are some of the
best products available in the specific siding materials category.  Each siding
line has specific performance attributes, styles, simulated wood grains and/or
color palettes.  All of these exterior siding lines eliminate painting, since
there is little color fading over the siding’s life cycle.

Amazing Siding personnel can help you choose the best
product for your home and to match your architecture.  Choose from siding

  • Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding—our exterior siding
    brand and product line

    • This is a high-end impermeable acrylic siding
    • This product is practically thermally non-conductive, and very energy efficient
    • The product has a very good impact resistance (hail impact for instance)
    • Easily withstands high winds
    • This siding is a very good product to prevent water penetration into insulation or
    • This product does not rot like wood siding
    • Essentially eliminates most forms of insect damage and mold or mildew
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —a top-of-the-line exterior siding product from one of
    the best manufacturers in the country, specifically Marvin®

    • APEX® has a very high hail impact resistance
    • APEX® has a high wind load capacity, easily withstanding high winds
    • This is a product that does not rot and is a very good alternative to inferior wood
    • Resists water penetration, molding and mildew
    • APEX® Siding offers homeowners very realistic, simulated wood grain textures
    • This product is available in bold and dark colors unavailable with most siding lines
    • Resists most insect damage
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —the most popular siding in the country

    • This is a non-combustible, easily withstanding one-hour fire tests
    • This is an environmentally friendly product cement
      fiberboard siding
      made using Portland sand, cellulose fibers, ground
      sand and additives
    • This siding has a very high insulation value
    • A very unique feature of James Hardie Plank Siding is that it is a customizable siding—customizable
      to perform better relative to eight major weather/climatic variables
    • ColorPlus® Technology offers homeowners one of the widest color palettes available
    • A propriety, multi-layer, baked-on painting process reduces fading over the
      product’s life cycle
    • This painting process is superior to field-applied painting process
  • Vinyl Siding—residential
    exterior siding that is manufactured using virgin vinyl, not recycled products
    or inferior grades of vinyl; additionally, you can expect all of the standard
    performance attributes of popular vinyl siding lines and this siding is offers
    a wide assortment of color options

Additional products to consider when installing new
siding include:

  • New residential roofing—architectural shingles, 3-tab asphalt shingles, specialty shingles or metal roofing
  • New ProVia entry
    —high-end, attractive, kiln dried replacement doors
  • New
    vinyl replacement windows
    —fusion-welded vinyl windows
  • New gutter guards—to
    protect your exterior wood and your new siding

For the best seal for your new exterior siding, consider
replacing doors and windows whenever you replace your siding.

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