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Products and Professional Contractor Installation for St. Charles James Hardie
Plank Siding

Homeowners in St. Charles, James Hardie
Products Are Available

If you are adding new or replacing old siding in St.
Charles, James Hardie
Plank Siding is one of your best choices in the St.
Louis market.  James
Hardie Plank Siding
(a cement
fiber board siding product
) is a popular residential siding product
manufactured by the siding experts at James Hardie Industries.  Originally
developed and thoroughly tested for the temperature extremes of Australia’s
Outback and deserts, this form of residential siding is not only durable, but
also designed to stand up to a wide range of climate and weather extremes.

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James Hardie Plank Siding Installation—Contact Amazing Siding of Kansas City

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Amazing Siding (St. Louis) installs
several residential siding lines in the St. Louis metropolitan area including
in St. Charles, St. Louis County, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Manchester,
Ballwin, Wildwood, Valley Park, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Crestwood, Town &
Country, Maryland Heights and in many other towns and in suburbs throughout the
metropolitan region.

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Charles James Hardie Plank Siding and Contractor Installation

Siding Options for Homeowners and Insulation

Amazing Siding installs several siding product lines
including James Hardie Plank Siding and a virgin vinyl siding product, as well as offering our exclusive acrylic siding brand.
Choose from traditionally popular vinyl siding,
the new APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
that simulates wood grains with deep, bold and dark
color choices quite realistically, or choose our own Amazing Plank Siding,
an impermeable acrylic siding product.

Make sure you that you choose insulated
siding or insulation materials that can withstand all of the seasonal weather
extremes in Missouri.  Insulated home siding,
insulation boards, backerboards, or other insulation materials work with your
siding product line choice to guarantee that your residential exterior is
protected against moisture, freezing temperatures or high summer temperatures.
Your insulation will also help to reduce your energy costs and electricity or
fuel bills.

If you need assistance choosing the type of insulation
that will work best with your siding product, your Amazing Siding
representative can offer recommendations.


Learn more about siding
styles and watch a brief video

Insulation and Materials for St. Charles, James Hardie Plank Installation

When we install in St. Louis and in St. Charles,
James Hardie
Plank Siding, we make sure to use professional-grade
materials.  For your St. Charles, James Hardie siding installation, we
will utilize:

  • Tyvek Homewrap for your weatherization wrap—this wrap has one of
    the best industry ratings
  • Maze, double hot-dipped galvanized nails
  • Apply contractor-grade, acrylic urethane sealants for any exposed ornon-sealed areas of your exterior, overhangs or eaves
  • Utse professional-grade paints

These higher-end products are worth the
cost.  These wraps, sealants and paints are all professional grade products that
are reliable.  To help protect your home, the paint has to withstand the excessive
temperature extremes, winds, frequent hail, and torrential rains so common with
Missouri seasonal weather.

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Charles, James Hardie Plank Installation

Guaranteed Installation Work in St. Louis and Materials Warranties

Amazing Siding stocks very durable siding product lines
for installation in St. Charles, and James Hardie Plank Siding is one of
the most dependable products on the market.  Our installers are trained
thoroughly in the specific installation techniques recommended by the
manufacturer.  As far as we know, we are the only siding contractors in the
market that warrant installation and the siding materials.  James Hardie
Industries even backs our siding installation because they know we do the work
correctly.  This is an unheard of offer in the residential siding installation industry.
James Hardie Industries offers a manufacturer-backed
because they know our installation personnel take the care and
use the products to do the job right the first time.

James Hardie Industries provides a 50-year warranty on the actual siding materials, a 25-year
warranty on soffits, and a 10-year warranty on the trim siding products.
Amazing Siding also guarantees against improper installation with full
warranties and satisfaction guarantees

Local financing
may be available for Amazing Siding customers in St. Charles or
St. Louis County.  Feel free to ask about financing options.  Amazing Siding are
the local contractors that provide some of the best and most durable products in
the St. Louis market.

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