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Exterior Home Siding Cost in St. Louis

Choose Professional Siding Installation

Your new siding cost in St. Louis depends on many
factors, but you should always choose professional contractors to install
siding, insulation and other exterior products. Amazing Siding (St. Louis)
(Ellisville, Missouri), in business since 1989, is the local installation
company that you can trust for a professional installation on every job. We
take the care to make sure that all insulation materials and exterior house siding
are correctly installed, and sealed.

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Consider All of the Siding and Installation Costs

Getting new exterior home siding can be quite a daunting
experience. Although many people like to reduce siding costs for St. Louis
area homes with a “do-it-yourself” project, you really should consider
professional siding installation. There may be many factors that you do not
consider when installing siding yourself, particularly the expenses and later
costs if the products are not installed properly—do not void your warranty on
expensive siding or risk exterior wood damage by cutting corners. The expenses
down the line could be astronomical.

Some of the factors to consider when you get a bid for
siding cost in St. Louis include the siding product line prices, insulation
materials, labor, installation materials, fixing problem areas on your exterior
walls, sealants, and replacing any gutters, windows, doors, or even roofing.
Your best bet is to choose a reliable installation contractor that is
experienced in installing particular siding lines.

Different Product Lines Will Change Your Siding Cost in St. Louis

Your siding cost in St. Louis will of course change
depending on the siding line. Do not choose the cheapest siding available, you
will likely regret it later. Rather, choose contractors that can help you
choose the right siding product, colors, textures, siding lengths and
performance attributes that will match your architecture and provide you with
siding that will perform well for decades.

Amazing Siding in St. Louis carries four product lines
that are some of the best siding lines on the market. Our exterior siding lines
all eliminate periodic painting that will increase the siding cost of many
other St. Louis siding installations. Our product lines include:

  • Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding—our own product line
    made of impermeable acrylic that resists mold, mildew, water penetration and
    insect damage quite well
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —or Marvin® Siding; a very durable product
    with great impact resistance available in deep bold colors unavailable from
    most manufacturers
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —an environmentally friendly, non-combustible cement
    fiberboard siding
    that is customizable for increased performance
    relative to eight different climate features; additionally, ColorPlus®
    Technology offers one of the widest color palette spectrums in the industry;
    and a proprietary paint application process lasts longer than even professionally-applied
    field-painting techniques
  • Vinyl Siding—an
    exceptionally high-quality, non-recycled, virgin vinyl siding line with an innovative double lab siding design the dramatically reduces the total number of seams in your siding installation

Calculate Your Overall Costs

Getting a bid from a professional installation company
will help you get a handle on all of the individual costs that go into a full
home exterior siding installation. Once you have estimates on all of the
materials, hours and labor, you can get a better idea of which siding choice is
the best for your home and budget.

Other main factors that will increase or reduce your
siding cost in St. Louis include:

  • Overall square footage of the siding required for installation
  • Siding lengths—we use the longest in the residential industry
  • Home weatherization wraps (we use Tyvek HomeWrap) and insulation materials,
    contractor-grade nails and professional-grade urethane sealants
  • Manufacturer’s siding prices per square foot
  • Difficult architectural elements that may require more time or more siding
    (cut-to-length) including difficult trim areas, soffits, eaves and overhangs and frames for entryways and windows
  • Exterior preparation costs including removing siding, sanding (if needed), repairs to
    exterior wood, additional sealants or surface preparation including installing
    new wood
  • Labor
    costs for installation (estimates on total hours)

A few other items to consider when calculating your
overall siding cost for a St. Louis area home includes improvements and upgrades
to the rest of your exterior. If you have the money and need new residential roofing,
, new
entry doors
or new gutter guards
and of course any framework, you might as well replace all of this at the same
time for the best possible installation.

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Warranties and Financing Information

Amazing Siding offers St. Louis, St. Louis County, and
St. Charles, Missouri, homeowners professional siding installation service with
bids upfront. All exterior house siding lines that we install have substantial
materials warranties
. We guarantee
all installation workmanship
performed by our installers in the St.
Louis metropolitan area.

Amazing Siding customers who choose one of our exterior
siding lines are welcome to apply for financing.

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