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If you are looking for local, reputable siding
contractors for a Clayton, Missouri, home, or for installations elsewhere in
St. Louis County, be sure to review information and customer testimonials about
Amazing Siding in St.
(Ellisville, MO). We are reputable, local contractor for home
improvement projects in Clayton, St. Louis, St. Louis County or St. Charles,
MO. Regardless of who you hire for new siding installation in Clayton, we
recommend that you take the time to learn about local contractors, the available
siding brands, and about how customers view the workmanship.

At Amazing Siding, we are professional, reputable, local
siding contractors for Clayton home improvement projects. We welcome questions
about our workmanship and our high-end residential siding options. Actually, Amazing
Siding is one of the few siding contractors in the metropolitan market who
installs the major types of exterior siding substrates,
specifically, acrylic (ASA) siding, cement
fiberboard siding
, fiberglass siding, and vinyl siding.
One commitment to all of our customers is to install all of our siding brands
according to the individual manufacturer’s specifications.

Be sure to review our company’s history and performance record for yourself, and then
contact Amazing
Siding in St. Louis
to review your siding options, guarantees, and to set
up an exterior siding installation. Also, you can call Amazing Siding at (636)
230-5800; or feel free to e-mail us:

You Can Rely on Amazing Siding for Superior-Grade Siding and Professional Installation

Amazing Siding is a reputable, local St. Louis County business that you
can always rely on for professional installation of superior-grade siding, roofing,
insulation materials, doors, windows and gutter guards. We are a contractor
that takes the time and care to prepare your exterior wood for siding
properly. We will make minor repairs and install and seal insulation materials
and siding correctly. We have many very satisfied customers in throughout St.
Louis County and elsewhere in our installation service area.

Choose siding contractors for a Clayton installation who offer a
difference over competitors. Amazing Siding is a company that you can rely on,
and the following record and our commitment to customer satisfactions speaks
for itself. Amazing Siding is:

    • A St. Louis County siding contractor in business since 1990
    • A Better Business Bureau-accredited company since 1993
    • A business in good-standing with the Better Business Bureau
    • A contractor recognized by the BBB, and a recipient of the
      BBB Torch Award for excellence in customer service twice
    • A siding contractor in good-standing with local St. Louis metropolitan
      Chambers of Commerce
    • An industry member of the HBA
    • A company with NARI affiliation—learn about
      Amazing Siding’s industry affiliations, memberships and awards
    • A nationally-recognized contractor with a “Top Performing Siding Company” rating from
      Qualified Remodeler magazine
    • A St. Louis metropolitan siding and roofing business with good
      reviews on Angie’s List
    • The exclusive installation contractor for Amazing Plank
      Acrylic Siding and AmazingWall Siding in the St. Louis market
    • A company with an extensive history working on high-end
      residential projects with widely varying local architecture
    • A local company that offers the major types of siding
      substrates, all of which are superior-grade products
    • A contractor that installs siding with some of the best siding
      materials warranties
      in the industry
    • A business that takes the time to inform customers about siding materials options and also national brand options
    • A business with satisfied customers—review
      testimonials from local St. Louis homeowners
    • A contractor that backs all of our installation workmanship

If you are considering installing new exterior residential siding, we urge you to review
our siding products and brands. You can contact Amazing
Siding, your siding contractors for Clayton
and St. Louis County.

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Siding Installation in Clayton, MO

Choose High-End Residential Siding for Your Clayton Home

Amazing Siding currently installs four, high-end,
superior-grade residential siding. Each type of siding offers homeowners a
different substrate material with specific performance attributes. We install
the longest siding boards in the market on all of our siding lines, which
offers homeowners a more uniform or “seamless appearance” upon completion, and
this also reduces the number of possible seams where water penetration into
insulation materials and/or exterior wood can occur. We will gladly review
your siding options and help you decide on a brand that will fit your budget
and your expectations for improving your home’s appearance and worth. All of
our siding lines are low maintenance products and do not require periodic painting.

As your siding contractors for Clayton, homeowners are welcome to for
siding materials and installation. New siding can improve
your energy efficiency and reducing air conditioning and heating expenses.

Amazing Siding installs any of the following siding
lines in Clayton or St. Louis County:

  • Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding—this
    is our exclusive siding line and it is an impermeable acrylic (Acrylonitrile
    Styrenic Acrolate or ASA) substrate that is essentially thermally
    non-conductive—reflecting cold or heat back to the source; this siding is energy
    efficient, and should lower cooling and heating expenses; this product is an
    insulated siding substrate that has a very good R-value (insulation value); also,
    this product has a high wind load capacity, and resists hail impacts effectively;
    acrylic siding does not rot; and, it effectively resists rainwater penetration while
    protecting your home against most types of insect damage, mildew and/or mold
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —siding from Marvin® Siding;
    this is a superior-grade fiberglass siding; it has a high wind load capacity; it
    has very good resistance to impacts; this siding has a high R-value (insulation
    rating); Marvin® Siding offers unique, deep, bold color selections;
    this siding realistically simulates wood grains; and, this siding protects your
    exterior against water intrusion and most insect damage
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —the original cement
    fiberboard siding
    and the most popular siding in the U.S.A.; this siding
    is a unique, customizable, and environmentally-friendly product; renewable
    materials including cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand and additive
    materials are used during fabrication; the siding is recyclable; it has one of
    the best materials warranties in the industry; also, this is a non-combustible
    substrate that withstands one-hour fire tests—check with your insurance company
    for discounts; proprietary ColorPlus® Technology is a paint
    application process that literally bakes-on multiple layers of paint for a uniform
    appearance; ColorPlus® Technology offers one of widest color selections
    available, and, the paint application process is superior to professional, field-applied
    painting techniques; the painting process resists UV-light color fading very
    effectively over the first 20-25 years after installation; Hardie Plank is also
    uniquely customizable for improved performance relative to eight weather/climate
    condition variables—improve performance relative to Missouri weather!
  • Vinyl Siding—a
    superior-grade, virgin vinyl siding; this siding offers the benefits of popular
    vinyl siding and it is more durable than most competing brands; this vinyl-grade
    may increase your home’s insulation value by as much as R-4 to R-4-½ offering
    increased energy efficiency, as much as 25% better than many competing brands; the
    siding board design is superior to many other brands; this siding is comprised
    of “Double 7” siding board panels (two 7” boards instead of one board); “Double
    7” Straight Lap Siding is 14” tall, and nearly 17 ft. wide resulting in up to 66%
    fewer seams than conventional designs; or, choose Dutch Lap Siding, which is made
    of four 4-½” laps (18” tall laps with siding boards nearly 17 ft. long) resulting
    in as much as 76% fewer seams than standard Dutch Lap Siding designs; additionally,
    the siding substrate does not peel, chip, flake, chalk, or show scratches

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We install
all contractor-grade
insulation materials
including backerboards, foam boards, a Tyvek home
weatherization wrap and also use professional-grade urethane sealants and contractor-grade
nails—by the way, we take the time to hand nail your entire siding.

Install New Doors, Windows, Roofing and
Gutter Guards During Siding Installation

We encourage any homeowner to install additional
products such as doors, windows and frames during siding installation. You can
achieve the best possible seals for openings when installing siding. As your
siding contractors for Clayton, we can install additional products. If you are
interested in replacing doors, windows, frames, gutter guards or even roofing, we
can offer superior-grade products.

Currently, Amazing Siding installs:

  • ProVia entryway
    —attractive, replacement entry doors with unique wood-and-glass
    designs; these doors are also that are kiln-dried
  • Gutter guards—we
    can install new gutter guards to protect your new exterior siding and walls
  • New vinyl
    replacement windows
    —opt for ENERGY STAR-qualified windows with fusion-welded,
    PVC/vinyl window frames
  • New roofing— architectural
    shingles, 3-tab asphalt shingles, specialty shingles, or metal roofing

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Amazing Siding’s Service Area

Amazing Siding’s service area includes St. Louis, St.
Louis County and St. Charles, MO. If you live in the suburbs, particularly in
the western part of St. Louis County, you are most likely in our service area.
We offer professional, exterior siding installation services throughout the St.
Louis metropolitan region including in Clayton, University City, Richmond
Heights, Brentwood, Maplewood, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Frontenac, Creve Coeur,
Town and Country, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, Sunset Hills,
Crestwood, Lemay, Fenton, Manchester, Chesterfield, Valley Park, Ballwin,
Wildwood, and in other nearby communities and towns.

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