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Amazing Siding Is a Reputable, Siding Company for St. Charles Installations

If you need an experienced siding company in St. Charles to install new exterior
siding on your home, then learn about Amazing Siding in St.
(Ellisville, Missouri). Our company has many capabilities, since
we have been a local St. Louis County area contractor since 1990. We install
high-performance, superior-grade residential siding and we pay attention to
customer satisfaction. Amazing Siding is a well-established, reputable, local St.
Louis County contractor that offers a long track record of installation expertise
on a wide range of architectural styles. We pay attention to the details to
ensure a proper siding installation. We install each of our siding lines according
to each manufacturer’s specifications, instructions and guidelines.

We are certain that you will be pleased that you can, indeed, find a reliable, local,
reputable company for installation. We back our workmanship with a
satisfaction guarantee
and we install superior, high-performance
residential siding products.

You can contact
Amazing Siding in St. Louis
for information about siding materials/substrate
options, installation workmanship guarantees, long-term materials warranties,
and for an accurate, upfront bid to install exterior siding at your St. Charles
or St. Louis home. You can call Amazing Siding at 636-230-5800, or feel free
to email us your questions at:

Amazing Siding Installs High-Performance Siding in St. Charles

As your siding company for St. Charles, we can offer considerable experience
installing residential siding on wide assortment of architectural styles
throughout the St. Louis area. Whether you have a small house, an estate,
older styles or contemporary architecture, we will take the time to install
your siding properly. Even with difficult architectural elements like soffits,
eaves, trim areas, overhangs or pure architectural elements, we are certain
that we can offer you a professional installation done right the first time around.

Amazing Siding’s installers are professionals. We are committed to offering homeowners
great quality workmanship along with high-performance siding options. We will install
each siding brand according to the specific manufacturer guidelines. We will take
the time to prepare your exterior wood walls, make minor repairs, and
thoroughly seal your new siding for the best performance for years to come.

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Superior Siding Board Substrates for Long-Lasting Exteriors

We are one of the few, local siding businesses in the St. Louis market that offers
siding board selections in the major siding substrate categories or siding
board materials composition. We install four, superior-grade, high-performance
exterior siding line
including acrylic, cement
fiberboard siding
, fiberglass and vinyl. Our commitment to each and every
customer is proper siding installation, so you can take advantage of each
substrate’s particular advantages.

Amazing Siding installs the longest siding board lengths on the market in order to
reduce the total number of seams on your exterior. We currently install:

  • Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding—Amazing Siding’s
    exclusive siding brand of insulated, impermeable acrylic (Acrylonitrile
    Styrenic Acrolate or ASA); this is a substrate that improves energy-efficiency,
    resists impacts and is an improvement over many types of acrylic siding
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —fiberglass siding from Marvin®
    Siding; a very popular home siding brand; this siding offers very effective
    insulation, durability, insulation and long-lasting performance in deep bold
    color selections with rich wood grains—a superior alternative to wood siding
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —the original and leading cement
    fiberboard siding
    , one of the most popular types of siding in the
    U.S.A.; this siding offers one of the best, proprietary paint application
    processes in the business and one of the largest color palettes in the industry;
    this siding has one of the best siding board materials warranties in the industry;
    and, Hardie Plank is customizable to perform better relative to eight major climate
    conditions and weather variables—true climate customization
  • Vinyl Siding—a
    truly superior, high-grade virgin vinyl siding, that is not manufactured from recycled
    materials; this insulated siding can increase your insulation ratings by as
    much as R-4 to R-4-½ (R-value is the industry standard rating); and, the manufacturer’s
    siding board design is a unique “Double 7” Straight Lap Siding or Dutch Lap
    Siding design that dramatically reduces the number of siding boards and
    subsequent seams, thus providing a more “seamless appearance” while improving
    protection and reducing the total number of siding boards

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Install Additional Products during Siding Installation

Amazing Siding installs contractor-grade
insulation materials
such as backer boards and/or foam boards, along
with a Tyvek home weatherization wrap on our installations. Our installers use
professional-grade urethane sealants and contractor-grade nails on every job.
Unlike many contractors, we actually take the time to hand-nail your entire
siding for the best results, and to ensure that you have the best possible seal
for your siding.

We also recommend that you consider other products during your siding
installation.  Generally speaking, you will achieve the best possible seals
when all frames and openings are redone and/or thoroughly sealed during siding installation.
Consider replacing frames and openings, such as window frames and doorways. We
can install extremely attractive, kiln-dried, ProVia
replacement entryway doors
or ENERGY STAR-qualified, replacement
vinyl windows
engineered with long-lasting fusion-welded, PVC/vinyl window frames.

Additionally, we can install new
gutter guards
to protect your new siding and walls.  We can also install
new roofing in a variety of styles including 3-tab
asphalt shingles, attractive architectural shingles, specialty shingles, or
entire metal roofs to match your home’s architecture.

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Just a Few Reasons to Hire Amazing Siding in St. Charles

There are many reasons for you to hire Amazing Siding as your siding company for a
St. Charles residential installation. We hope that choosing a locally-run, St.
Louis siding company with a reputation for expertise, customer satisfaction and
great siding brand selections factors into your decision. We urge any
homeowner to thoroughly review a siding contractor’s credentials and customer
testimonials. Our commitment as your contractor is to perform the job correct the
first time! Feel free to review what our customers have to say about our
workmanship, our products and guarantees.

As a prospective customer, you should know that Amazing Siding is:

    • A local, St. Louis area siding company in operation since 1990
    • A fully-licensed, insured and bonded siding installer
    • A siding business in good-standing with local St. Louis County, St. Charles and metropolitan area Chambers of Commerce
    • A Better Business Bureau-accredited siding business listed
      since 1993 and in good-standing with the BBB
    • A contractor twice-recognized by the BBB with the BBB Torch
      Award for Excellence in Customer Service
    • A business that participates in industry organizations. We
      are a member of the HBA and maintain full NARI affiliation—learn
      about Amazing Siding’s industry affiliations
    • A company with national recognition—Qualified
      magazine gave us a national ranking as a “Top Performing
      Siding Company”
    • Your exclusive installer for Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding
      and AmazingWall Siding in the St. Louis market
    • A contractor with extensive, practical expertise working the
      St. Louis area’s (and St. Charles) wide range of residential architecture
    • An installer offering all the major siding board substrate types
      and installer of superior-grade siding products
    • A contractor that installs all siding according to manufacturers’
      specific guidelines; some brands offer the best siding
      materials warranties
      in the industry
    • A company that informs homeowners about siding board
      materials options
    • A contractor that takes the time to install siding by hand
    • A business with satisfied, local St. Louis area customers—review customer
    • A St. Louis siding and roofing company with positive
      customer reviews and rankings on Angie’s List

You can contact
Amazing Siding
for siding installation in St. Charles, St. Louis and
St. Louis County, MO. Homeowners may apply to
finance siding installation
and siding materials costs direct from
Amazing Siding.

an Estimate for Siding Installation

Amazing Siding’s Installation Service Area

Our installation service area includes St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles,
MO—if you are elsewhere in St. Charles County, feel free to contact us about installation

service in your community. If you live in St. Louis County suburbs or a nearby
town, particularly in the western part of St. Louis County, then you are likely
in our immediate service area. Amazing Siding is your siding company for St.
Charles installations or for work in Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Maryland
Heights, St. Ann, Ladue, Frontenac, Town and Country, Manchester, Ellisville,
Valley Park, Ballwin, Wildwood, Fenton, Lemay, Crestwood, Kirkwood, Des Peres, University
City, Clayton, Richmond Heights, Brentwood, and in other nearby neighborhoods and communities.

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