Saint Louis County Hardie Siding

Residents of Saint Louis County, Hardie Siding Is Available for Your Home

Hardie Siding Is Available in St. Louis County

Homeowners in Saint Louis County, Hardie Siding, the
popular residential exterior siding (aka James
Hardie Plank Siding
or cement
fiberboard siding
) is available for installation from your trusted
contractors at Amazing Siding in Saint Louis (Ellisville, Missouri).  In business
since 1989, we install high quality siding lines and insulation materials to
protect your home from the weather, harsh climate conditions and from water
intrusion into your exterior walls.

If you have a new house or are renovating and updating
an older house, your choice for exterior siding is certainly important.  Hardie
Siding and cement fiberboard siding products are now the most popular form of
residential exterior siding in the USA with over 4 million installations

Hardie Siding, combined with exterior insulation materials
professionally installed, helps to protect the integrity of your home’s exterior
walls, soffits, eaves and
, and trim areas.

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Long-Lasting, Durable Exterior Siding

James Hardie Industries’ siding products are durable,
long-lasting products for residential properties.  Hardie Siding, a cement
, was designed for the extreme summer temperatures, seasonal
thermal cycling, winds, and general harsh climate of Australia’s Outback,
deserts and arid continental interior.  Originally developed over 100 years
ago, cement fiberboard is a non-combustible siding comprised of cellulose
fibers, ground sand, Portland cement and other additives.

Hardie Siding is quite popular; in fact, this cement
fiberboard is the most popular lap siding in the United States.  Amazing Siding
installs the longest siding lengths available in the market.  Your Hardie
Siding is a moldable, pliable, exterior siding that provides a nearly seamless
appearance after installation.

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Hardie Siding: Color Choices and Texture Options

“Take advantage of…ColorPlus®
technology products to achieve the look you desire, without the maintenance.”
Hardie Website

James Hardie Industries provides homeowners with a truly
unique option for home siding.  In Saint Louis County, Hardie Siding is
available in a choice of textures and colors; and perhaps most importantly the
siding is customizable for optimal performance based on specific climate

James Hardie Industries uses a proprietary baking
process when applying commercial-grade paints to the siding.  Paint is applied in
a multi-step process during finishing. This unique, proprietary painting process,
called ColorPlus® Technology, affords optimal performance for the

Your Hardie Siding’s baked-on paint finish will:

  • Be available in the colors you desire
  • Have a consistent, uniform paint application for each piece of siding
  • Provide long-term resistance freezing, humidity or seasonal moisture extremes
  • Resist fading from ultraviolet light exposure over the years—as much as 30% more
    compared to similar siding
  • Last up to twice as long as siding utilizing field-applied paints
  • Have longevity regardless of your texture choice for the siding

Your Saint Louis County Hardie Siding
is available in several texture styles including smooth surfaces, wood grains,
stucco, clapboard styles or even cedar shingle styles.

Professional-Grade Insulation Installation

When Amazing Siding installs exterior siding in Saint
Louis County, Hardie Siding
is installed according to the manufacturer’s
specifications.  Additionally, we utilize professional-grade backing materials,
backerboards, foam boards, commercial-grade insulation
materials and nails, home weatherization wraps and urethane sealants.  Your residential siding
helps to protect your home’s
exterior walls from water damage and even most forms of insect damage.

For Saint Louis County Hardie Siding installation, our installers use:

  • The longest siding lengths available allowing for secure installations
    that appear nearly seamless
  • Tyvek Homewrap (the best home weatherization wrap with high
    industry perm ratings and water holdout rates)
  • Contractor-grade, double hot-dipped, galvanized nails (professional-grade nails)
  • Professional-grade acrylic urethane sealants (commercial-grade sealants)
  • Learn more about
    differences of siding styles

These professional-grade products are
worth the price as they help protect your exterior walls.

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Additional Siding Options

Amazing Siding installs several siding lines in the
St. Louis metropolitan area.  Our residential siding options include a high
quality vinyl
fabricated from pure virgin vinyl, APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
, and Amazing Plank
, an impermeable acrylic siding.

Installation Guarantee and Materials Warranties

Amazing Siding installs siding lines for homeowners in Saint
Louis County. Hardie Siding
currently has the best ever, manufacturer’s materials
warranty.  Amazing Siding installs James Hardie Industries’ siding correctly,
using their installation guidelines.  Amazing Siding also guarantees
all of our installation work
additional Amazing Siding warranty information

Siding Financing Options

are available for Saint Louis County property
owners.  For answers about financing questions, please contact Amazing

Amazing Siding Service Area

Amazing Siding installs exterior residential siding
throughout the Saint Louis metropolitan area including in Chesterfield,
Manchester, Creve Coeur, Ballwin, Wildwood, Valley Park, Fenton, Crestwood, Ladue,
Clayton, Maryland Heights, Des Peres, Town & Country, Frontenac, Kirkwood, and
in other suburbs in St. Louis County or St. Charles, Missouri.

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