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Charles House Siding Installation Service Performed by Amazing Siding

Siding (St. Louis)
provides residents of Saint Charles
house siding
and insulation installation services.  We are your local
siding contractors since 1989, and we carry popular and exclusive exterior
siding lines in the Saint Louis metropolitan area.  For our siding line
, we offer the longest siding lengths in the
local market.  The longer exterior siding lengths provide homeowners with a
near seamless appearance.

Perhaps more importantly, the longer exterior siding
lengths reduce the potential areas for moisture intrusion into the insulation
materials of or wood of your exterior walls, thus avoiding wood rot, mold,
mildew and other moisture related damage.

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Advantages of Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding Installation

Plank Acrylic Siding
is our exclusive, exterior
siding line.  This impermeable acrylic siding is quite durable, and a long-lasting
siding solution that is ideal for Saint Charles house siding projects.

A few of the advantages
of new siding
(Amazing Plank
Acrylic Siding) include:

  • Impermeable, acrylic exterior siding designed to resist moisture
  • Siding that eliminates painting
  • 66% less seams than many siding lines which gives your house a
    nearly seamless appearance
  • Up to four times more insulation value than many siding lines
    (higher insulation or R-value)
  • Up to 300% more protection against impacts (high impact
    resistance, particularly against hail)
  • A reducing in outside noise levels (as much as 45% over
    comparable exterior siding lines of this class)

Amazing Plank Acrylic Siding has a comprehensive
warranty materials warranty.  All of the siding materials are covered and this
is one of the best warranties in the industry.

Advantages of APEX® Fiberglass
Siding Installation

Fiberglass Siding
is a very popular alternative to inferior wood
lines that deteriorate rather quickly.  This fiberglass
siding line provides realistic simulated wood grains for homeowners.  A few of
the benefits of APEX® Fiberglass Siding for your Saint Charles
house siding

  • Environmentally
    friendly manufacturing methodology and recyclable materials
  • A very long product life cycle
  • An impermeable composite formulation for the siding
  • A very good rating against moisture intrusion
  • Reducing the impact of harsh temperatures from thermal cycling; this siding is a non-conductive
    product, thus reducing the impact of cold and hot temperatures
  • A wide range of bold and rich colors unavailable with many siding lines
  • Painting application that resists fading over life of the product
  • Low maintenance

Advantages of James Hardie Plank Siding/Cement Fiberboard Siding

James Hardie Industries is a worldwide leader
in the cement
industry.  James
Hardie Plank Siding
offers unique performance attributes
for homeowners as the siding and painting is customizable for climate factors.
You can customize Hardie Siding for improved performance based upon eight major
climate variables.

Your new Saint Charles house siding from James
Hardie Industries has a wide color scheme that utilizes a proprietary,
multi-step painting process called ColorPlus® Technology.  This
process bakes-on paint in multiple layers for a truly uniform appearance.
ColorPlus® Technology is superior painting method to even field-applied
commercial-grade paints.

Some of the additional advantages
of new siding, particularly
the James Hardie Siding System are:

  • A customizable product for specific climate performance
    attributes including:

    • Temperature extremes
    • Ultraviolet light exposure amounts
    • Rainfall and extreme precipitation levels
    • Exposure to major severe weather patterns
    • Winter precipitation extremes
    • Humidity extremes
    • High hail impact resistance
    • Topographical
      features influencing local weather patterns
  • Eliminating painting
  • An environmentally friendly fabrication technique utilizing ecologically friendly
    materials including cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand and
  • Fabrication using non-combustible materials
  • A very good fire-resistance rating
  • Low maintenance
  • A very good resistance to impacts from flying debris and high
  • Eliminating cracking and flaking
  • Insect resistant materials

A Few Advantages of High Quality, Virgin Vinyl Siding

Amazing Siding contractors also install a very high
quality, virgin
vinyl exterior siding
.  A few of the advantages of this
durable product for Saint Charles house siding installations are:

  • Manufactured using the highest quality virgin vinyl materials
  • Insulation with a composite material
  • High resistance to winds
  • Uniform weathering
  • Resistance to paint cracking or flaking from thermal cycle
    expansion and contraction
  • Resistance to many forms of insect damage, particularly termites

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Energy-Efficient Products and Exterior Insulation

In Saint Louis and Saint Charles, house siding
installations by Amazing Siding are performed using professional-grade
insulation materials and sealants including:

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Siding Warranty Information

Amazing Siding provides Saint Charles, Saint Louis, and
Saint Louis County residents great service and professional exterior siding an
insulation installation services.  All of our home siding lines have substantial
materials warranties
from the manufacturers. Amazing
Siding guarantees
all of our installation work
in the local market.

If you need assistance with financing,
for Saint Charles house siding,
installation services are also available for St. Louis area Amazing Siding customers.

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