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Contractor for Saint Charles Exterior Siding Installation

Residents of St. Charles, exterior siding options are
available for you home from Amazing
Siding in Saint Louis
(Ellisville, MO).  We are a reputable, hometown
contractor, member of the HBA, maintain NARI affiliation, and we expert installation contractors for James Hardie Plank Siding.  In business since 1989, we maintain
good-standing with the Better Business Bureau—we are a BBB Torch Award recipient—and
local area Chambers of Commerce.  Additionally, Qualified Remodeler
magazine recognized our workmanship with a national ranking as a “Top
Performing Siding Company.”

We take the time to install all of our residential
siding brands correctly, according to manufacturer instructions and specifications.
We also utilize the longest siding board lengths, thus reducing the number of
seams, which reduces the likelihood of water penetration into insulation and/or
exterior wood.  We also use contractor-grade insulation materials, nails and durable
urethane sealants on all siding installation projects.

Currently, we install high-end, exterior
house siding
in Saint Charles, Saint Louis County and in Saint Louis.  All of our siding
lines are low maintenance products engineered to eliminate all of those
tiresome, periodic tasks including scraping siding, priming and painting your
exterior.  Complete your home improvement projects with new, low maintenance
siding that eliminates painting!

We install popular residential siding brands.  We are the exclusive installers of Amazing Plank Acrylic
Siding (ASA)—our own brand.  We also install James Hardie Plank Siding, APEX® Fiberglass Siding,
and a superior virgin vinyl siding.

With Amazing Siding as your contractor, Saint Charles
customers always have options.  All of our exterior siding lines offer specific
and unique performance attributes.  You can eliminate painting chores with our low
maintenance, and, importantly, they all last for decades!

Contact Amazing
Siding for Saint Charles exterior siding installation
by experienced, professional
installers, who will perform the job correctly the first time!  We offer accurate bids and cost
estimates upfront on all of our jobs.  We also sell and install additional products including
entry doors, gutters, replacement windows and even roofing.  You always have options with Amazing
Siding.  Feel free to call us at 636-230-5800 or email us at:

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Amazing Siding Installs Durable, Cost-Effective,
High-End Residential Siding

We want our customers to be happy with their new exterior
siding, therefore, we only install high-end exterior siding products, some just
happen to be extremely popular options throughout the country.  To reduce
seams, to protect your insulation and exterior wood, and to provide customers
with a nearly “seamless appearance” or uniform appearance upon job completion, we
use the longest siding board lengths available in the St. Louis market.

We perform all Saint Charles exterior siding installations correctly the first time!
We want our customers thoroughly satisfied with our workmanship and the choice of siding.
Our goal is to have each homeowner’s house protected upon completion of our installation job.
With over two decades of experience working as Saint Louis area contractors, we choose to
install long-lasting siding that is ultimately cost-effective and offers customers value-added
benefits such as well-insulated, energy efficiency siding, ecologically-friendly
products, and colors and texture options to satisfy even the most discriminating homeowner.
Your Amazing Siding installation will protect your home from harsh local weather and climate
conditions.  Additional performance attributes for our siding may include thermally
non-conductive substrates (siding boards), customizable siding for enhanced lifecycle
performance relative to eight specific weather and climate variables (James Hardie Plank Siding).

An Amazing Siding representative can help you choose the
best siding grade
and/or brand for your home and budget.  Please review
the individual product pages for more information about specific siding.

We will gladly review your options for the following siding lines:

  • Amazing Plank
    Acrylic Siding (Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate or ASA)
    —our exclusive
    siding brand for the St. Louis market; this siding is an impermeable acrylic
    substrate engineered to withstand harsh weather and the extreme temperatures (thermal
    cycling) so common to the St. Louis area; Amazing Plank Siding is an insulated
    siding (high R-value) that effectively resists water intrusion into insulation
    and exterior wood; this is a thermally stable substrate that is energy
    efficiency regardless of hot or cold conditions; this siding protects your
    exterior from insects, mold growth and mildew; also, acrylic siding does not
  • James
    Hardie Plank Siding
    —the most popular siding in America with over 4
    million installations! This product is a non-combustible cement
    fiberboard siding
    —check with your insurer for discounts; this environmentally
    friendly siding’s substrate is comprised of environmentally friendly and
    renewable components including Portland cement, cellulose fibers, ground sand
    and additives; this product is ecologically friendly from fabrication, through
    the product lifecycle, to final recycling or disposition; this siding offers
    truly unique climate customization for improved performance over decades—this
    customization improves long-term performance relative to eight specific weather/climate
    variables ranging from extreme temperatures, rainfall amounts (wet climates,
    dry climates, etc.), humidity level extremes, high UV-exposure levels, general exposure
    to extreme weather patterns, a high impact resistance (against hail, debris,
    etc.), and other factors; James Hardie Industries’ ColorPlus®
    Technology is a proprietary paint application process that literally bakes-on multiple
    paint layers for a finished, uniform appearance; this process is superior to even
    professional, contractor field-applied painting techniques; and, ColorPlus®
    Technology has one of the largest color selections in the industry
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —the extremely popular siding brand available from Marvin®
    Siding; this is an impermeable, thermally non-conductive siding that performs quite
    well in extreme seasonal temperatures; APEX® has a very good insulation
    rating (R-value); this siding stands up very well against impacts (flying
    debris in storms, hail impacts, etc.); the manufacturer offers customers a selection
    of deep bold colors not available from other brands; color and texture options effectively
    and realistically simulate wood grains; and, APEX® is superior to almost
    any wood exterior siding on the market—it is a great alternative to wood and
    clapboard siding
  • Vinyl Exterior
    —an extremely high quality siding board substrate comprised of
    virgin vinyl, not inferior vinyl grades or recycled vinyl and plastic
    materials; this is very durable, high-end residential siding; this siding has a
    good insulation rating; the siding is available in attractive color options; and,
    this product offers the benefits of traditional vinyl siding, but out-performs many
    other brands over its lifecycle

Amazing Siding’s installers take the time to prepare your exterior wood regardless of the
siding that you choose to install.  We thoroughly seal all siding boards and those difficult
architectural areas of your home’s exterior architecture, such as eaves
and overhangs
, soffits, trim areas and other complex architectural
elements.  Additionally, we install contractor-grade insulation materials
including Tyvek HomeWrap, a truly superior home weatherization wrap, utilize
professional-grade acrylic urethane sealants and contractor-grade nails.

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Perform Additional Home Improvement Projects when Installing Siding

To achieve the best results for your Saint Charles exterior
siding installation, Amazing Siding recommends that you choose to install other
exterior products during siding installation.  We install:

  • New residential roofing
    including architectural shingles, specialty shingles, 3-tab shingles and metal
  • New gutter guards
    to protect your exterior walls and new siding
  • Replacement
    that are ENERGY STAR-qualified and quite durable
  • ProVia entryway
    that are an attractive addition to your home; these entry doors
    are kiln-dried and are available in several styles

Be sure to finish your home renovation or improvement
project with one of our exceptional siding brands and other high-end residential

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Louis Exterior Siding Installation

St. Charles Exterior Siding Warranty, Service Area and Financing

All of our exterior siding lines have substantial
materials warranties
from the manufacturer.  We also guarantee
Amazing Siding’s installation workmanship
for any jobs that we perform in
Saint Charles, Saint Louis or Saint Louis County, Missouri.

Amazing Siding installs exterior siding and other
products throughout the Saint Louis area including in St. Charles, and in
communities, suburbs, towns and neighborhoods throughout Saint Louis County.
Homeowners in Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, West Port, Town and
Country, Clayton, Frontenac, Ladue, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Crestwood, Valley
Park, Ballwin, Wildwood, Fenton, Manchester, and in other communities in the
county are welcome to apply for financing
assistance for exterior siding installation

Amazing Siding for Saint Charles Exterior Siding Installation

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