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Choose New Siding with a DuPont Tyvek® HomeWrap®
or House Wrap in St. Charles

Local Contractor for Siding Installation with
a House Wrap in St. Charles or in St. Louis County, Missouri

Be sure to install new siding with a DuPont™ Tyvek® HomeWrap® or insulated house wrap in
St. Charles, Missouri, or St. Louis County.
 As a reputable, local
contractor in business since 1990, Amazing Siding in Saint
(located in Ellisville, MO), you can rely on our expertise and
history as a local, reputable exterior siding installation contractor.  We
stock popular and exclusive exterior residential siding
.  Our installers are fully versed in each manufacturer’s exterior
siding installation guidelines and specifications.

Amazing Siding to Install Exterior Siding and a House Wrap in St. Charles or
St. Louis County

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Amazing Siding in St. Louis currently installs:

  • AmazingPlank
    Siding (Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate or ASA)
    — our exclusive brand of
    Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate (ASA) or acrylic siding; this is a high-end
    residential siding that is an impermeable product designed to last for many
    years to come
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    —the very popular Marvin® Siding
    that is a thermally stable, energy efficient and attractive siding selection
  • James
    Hardie Industries’ Plank Siding
    (aka Hardie Plank or Hardie Board)—designed
    by the company that developed the original cement
    fiberboard siding
    to withstand the harsh temperatures and arid climate
    of Australia’s Outback; this is an environmentally friendly, non-combustible
    siding this is customizable for improved performance relative to climate
    variables and weather conditions; this brand of siding offers one of the widest
    color palettes in the industry; and, the manufacturer uses a proprietary paint
    finishing process produces a uniform appearance that will show very little
    fading over the first 20-25 years after installation
  • Vinyl Siding—a
    virgin vinyl siding with the advantages of popular vinyl siding, but overall improved
    performance attributes

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Install Professional-Grade Insulation and the Best House Wrap in St. Charles or in St. Louis County

For the best siding installation results, and to protect
your exterior walls for years and/or decades to come, you will want to install
the best house wrap in St. Charles (or St. Louis County).  We use the best
house wrap in the business, namely DuPont Tyvek®
HomeWrap®.  The DuPont Tyvek® HomeWrap®
is energy efficient in hot or cold temperatures and is one of the best-rated
products on the market.

Tyvek® HomeWrap® won Green Builder Media’s
2012 Readers Choice Award for the “Greenest BUILDING WRAP product” in its category.
Tyvek® HomeWrap® “…exceeds the 2006 International Building Code…and
the 2006 International Residential code…as a water-resistive barrier, and
meets the air barrier requirements of ICC-ES AC-38 and the ASTM E1677 Standard
Specification for a Type I air barrier.”—Tyvek (DuPont) website

Additionally, depending on your architecture, two rolls
of Tyvek® HomeWrap® in the 9’ x 150’ size is usually
adequate to cover an average two-story house (25,000 sq. ft.).  This home
weatherization wrap has a high insulation value (R-value), and it is designed
to all moisture vapor to escape—this ensures dry exterior walls, while
providing an optimal balance against thermal cycling (hot or cold) and
preventing moisture penetration into insulation materials and/or exterior
walls, which of course can cause considerable damage to any wood-frame house.

We also install professional-grade insulation materials,
backerboards, foam boards, a Tyvek home weatherization wrap, and use
contractor-grade materials and supplies including urethane sealants, nails and
other items to ensure a long-lasting exterior siding installation.

Complete Any Additional Home Improvement Projects when Installing Exterior Siding

To guarantee the best possible seals around openings in
your exterior, we recommend that you consider completing other home improvement
projects during exterior siding installation.  By choosing to install doors/door
frames, replacement windows/window frames and other products during siding
installation, you can almost always achieve better seals and proper
installations of additional products to protect your exterior.

If you are interested in installing a new roof (architectural shingles, 3-tab asphalt shingles, specialty
shingles or even a metal roof), or other exterior home improvement products,
such as new
rain gutter guards
, attractive, kiln-dried, new ProVia
entryway doors
or new
fusion-welded, PVC replacement windows
, then we urge you to do so while
installing new siding.

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Amazing Siding’s Installation Service Area

Amazing Siding in St. Louis serves many communities throughout the central, western and southwestern
St. Louis metropolitan area.  We can install siding with a house wrap in St. Charles, or in St. Louis
and much of St. Louis County, Missouri, including in the communities of Creve
Coeur, Chesterfield, the Clarkson Valley area, Manchester, Ballwin, Wildwood,
Ellisville, Valley Park, Town and County, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Sunset Hills,
Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, Fenton, and Crestwood.  We also install siding and
house wraps in communities in the central part of St. Louis County including in
Clayton, Richmond Heights, Brentwood, Maplewood, Frontenac, Ladue, Olivette,
University City, Maryland Heights, St. Ann, “West Port,” and other suburbs.

Financing Options and Customer Satisfaction

If you require financing assistance for residential siding,

installation service, or to cover the installation of additional Amazing Siding
products (roofing, gutter guards, entry doors, replacement windows, etc.), then
you may have options.  Amazing Siding’s customers throughout St. Louis County and
nearby communities are welcome to apply for financing
for Amazing Siding installation work.

At Amazing Siding in St. Louis, we take pride in our work and we want every customer satisfied with high-end residential siding and
the performance of our professional installers. We do actually take the time and
care to install exterior siding and other products properly.  We install siding
according to each manufacturer’s specific guidelines and installation instructions.
Since we care about satisfied customers, Amazing Siding offers a customer
satisfaction guarantee
that covers our workmanship.

Each of our siding brand manufacturers offer considerable
on siding boards and related siding materials (such as for
soffits and trim).

Amazing Siding for a Tyvek House Wrap, Insulation Materials and a New Siding Installation in
St. Charles

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