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“Only James Hardie protects the entire
exterior…with siding…engineered for your local climate.”
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Amazing Siding in St. Louis (Ellisville, MO) offers
professional residential siding installation for Hardiplank in St. Louis,
and to St. Louis County homeowners in Clayton, Kirkwood, Ladue, Creve Coeur,
Ballwin, Manchester, Chesterfield, Valley Park, Crestwood, Fenton, Maryland
Heights, St. Charles, and nearby communities.  James
Hardie Plank Siding
(a.k.a. Hardiplank) is an environmentally friendly,
residential exterior siding product.  This siding is a cement
comprised of cellulose fibers, ground sand, Portland cement and

James Hardie Industries fabricates this product line using
non-combustible materials that withstand one-hour fire testing.  This
fire-resistant siding is also available in a wide range of textures and colors
to fit the style of almost any home.

Hardiplank in St. Louis or
elsewhere should improve the look of your residence, and your property value. Homeowners
can have peace-of-mind knowing that their house exteriors are protected from
many damaging weather conditions.

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Customizable Siding for Homes in St. Louis

Amazing Siding’s installers are professional installers of exterior siding including James
Hardie Industries’ products, specifically Hardiplank in St. Louis.  Hardiplank siding offers
customers a truly unique feature, climate
customization.  You can choose from a wide assortment of colors and textures for
your siding, all of which are customizable for eight separate climate factors!

Hardiplank siding is fabricated for extreme climates and
the customization allows homeowners and contractors extra durability when
deciding on the appropriate exterior siding and insulation materials.

James Hardie Industries’ bases its climate customization
on the following factors:

  • Hail likelihood and hail impact resistance
  • Humidity and seasonal humidity level extremes
  • Major regional weather patterns such as high winds, severe storms or even exposure to
  • Moisture and rainfall levels (wet climates compared to temperate compared to arid or dry
  • Snowfall and winter precipitation levels
  • Temperature ranges including thermal cycling extremes
  • Topographical features that affect localized or regional weather
  • Ultraviolet light (UV light) exposure—many paints, even professional-grade fade quickly in
    areas with high UV light exposure

Therefore, Hardiplank for St. Louis home offers you
an extremely durable, residential exterior siding.  Be sure to pick siding customized
for the climate.  Seasonal moisture levels, temperature fluctuations, UV light
exposure, and other factors age many other kinds of residential siding such as
less durable aluminum
or wood siding.

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Hardiplank Colors Are Resilient with a Proprietary Painting Process

Additionally, Hardiplank for St. Louis home is
fabricated using a proprietary, baked-on painting process, or ColorPlus®
Technology. This reapplication of paints creates very durable colors that are
resilient and resist conditions that cause many paints, even professional-grade
or field-applied paints and siding to fade rapidly.  ColorPlus®
Technology offers homeowners maximum performance and durability.

This proprietary baked-on painting procedure along with
available textures allows your Hardiplank exterior siding paint:

  • To have a completely consistent paint coating on each piece of siding
  • To provide maximum resistance to prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures,
    extreme heat, high humidity or moisture
  • To resist fading from UV light exposure—up to 30% more than many brands
  • To last up to twice as long as field-applied paints (even professional-grade

By customizing your siding to resist your specific
climate, your Hardiplank in St. Louis will protect your home for many,
many years.

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Hardiplank in St. Louis with ColorPlus® Technology

Additional Exterior Siding Products

Amazing Siding installs additional exterior siding products
to protect your home.  We install backerboards, insulation materials,
a home weatherization wrap and use professional-grade urethane sealants and commercial-grade
nails.  Our additional siding includes the very popular APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
(realistic simulated wood grains available in deep,
dark and bold colors), our own impermeable acrylic siding line, Amazing Plank
, and a very high quality vinyl siding
fabricated using pure virgin vinyl, not recycled materials.

A Manufacturer Warranty and an Installation Guarantee

Amazing Siding is your local siding installation contractor with personnel experienced
in the proper installation of James Hardie Industries’ siding products.  We use their installation
techniques, specifications, instructions and other recommendations accordingly.  Learn
about Amazing Siding’s satisfaction guarantee

Amazing Siding provides a warranty
for all installation work
. All siding product lines have substantial
materials guarantees as well.

are available in St. Louis County.

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