Hardiplank Siding Manchester

Siding for Manchester, Missouri, Home Improvement Projects

Amazing Siding Installs Hardiplank Siding in
Manchester and St. Louis County, Missouri

Homeowners in St. Louis County, Hardiplank Siding for
Manchester and nearby home is available with installation service direct from St.
Louis County contractor, Amazing
Siding in St. Louis
(Ellisville, Missouri).  We have been in business since
1990, and Amazing Siding is in good-standing local area Chambers of Commerce.
We have had a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been BBB-accredited
since 1993.  Amazing Siding maintains industry affiliations and memberships including
NARI and the Home Builders Association (HBA).

Amazing Siding installs Hardiplank (a.k.a. Hardie
a cement
fiberboard siding
) correctly, according the guidelines from the
manufacturer, James Hardie Industries.  Additionally, we take the time to
prepare your exterior wood for installation.  We install commercial-grade
insulation materials and thoroughly seal siding boards with contractor-grade
urethane sealants, nails and fasteners.

Amazing Siding encourages any homeowner to learn about a potential contractor, feel free to
local customer testimonials
; or, check us out online at ratings boards.

Contact Amazing
Siding for Hardiplank Siding in Manchester
or call us locally in Ellisville at 636-230-5800.

Hardiplank Siding for a Manchester House Is Engineered to Last

Choosing Hardiplank Siding for your home in Manchester
or elsewhere in St. Louis is a great selection.  Hardiplank is exterior siding engineered
to last for decades.  Variations on this substrate formulation have been tested
for about a century and it has the advantage or real world testing.  This
siding is a very low maintenance product, eliminating periodic painting chores.
Additionally, this non-combustible siding is also an environmentally-friendly
selection.  You know it is a durable siding when you realize that it was originally
engineered to deal with the harsh environmental demands of living in Australia’s Outback.

Some specific features and advantages of Hardiplank Siding includes:

  • Cement fiberboard siding is the most popular type of siding in the U.S.A.
  • An environmentally-friendly siding including manufacturing to final recycling
  • An ecologically-friendly renewable base materials composition: cellulose
    fibers, Portland cement, ground sand and additive materials
  • Recyclability after product lifecycle
  • Impermeability in siding composition
  • A good R-value (insulation value)
  • A non-combustible materials substrate composition that repeatedly withstands standard 1-hour
    fire testing
  • A climate-customizable siding that may be modified to perform better relative to weather/climate
    factors, such as, seasonal temperature extremes, seasonal
    rainfall extremes, seasonal humidity extremes, snowfall extremes, exposure
    to major weather patterns, topographical features affecting local climate,
    ultraviolet light (UV-light) exposure extremes—higher levels fade paint
    quicker, and a high hail impact resistance
  • Overall improved energy efficiency regardless of localized thermal cycling/extremes in
  • A proprietary paint application process, or ColorPlus® Technology, which results in
    uniform color from multiple layers of baked-on paint and uniform
    weathering; and this process is superior to field-applied painting methods
  • One of the widest ranges of color available in siding

One other note:  Amazing Siding installs the longest
available siding board lengths which reduces your total number of seams and
reduces the overall long-term chances of rain penetration into your wood or
insulation, and, this also reduces or nearly eliminates the chances of insect damage.

Additional Superior-Grade Exterior Siding Selections

Currently, Amazing Siding installs three other, high-end,
exterior siding brands
for installation in our St. Louis service area.  Each type of siding
offers different long-term performance benefits.  Each substrate (material) is
a superior selection to traditional and/or inferior wood siding options.

Amazing Siding installs:

  • Amazing
    Plank Acrylic Siding
    – our exclusive brand in the St. Louis market; this siding is a long-lasting,
    impermeable, insulated Acrylonitrile Styrenic Acrolate (ASA)/acrylic siding
  • APEX®
    Fiberglass Siding
    – the very popular siding line from Marvin® Siding
  • Vinyl siding
    – a superior-grade, virgin vinyl siding engineered with an innovative, double
    lap siding design that drastically reduces your total number of seams upon
    completing installation

Quality Insulation and Other Home Improvement Products

Amazing Siding uses quality insulation materials,
backer boards or foam boards, and a Tyvek HomeWrap (home weatherization wrap)
on every installation job.  We will make minor repairs to wood walls and prepare
your exterior for a secure installation.  We use specified manufacturer’s
guidelines and instructions on each installation.  Additionally, we use
contractor-grade nails and fasteners, and commercial-grade urethane sealants
for the best results.

Amazing Siding recommends that homeowners consider installing
any additional home improvement products for your exterior during your Hardiplank
Siding installation in Manchester or St. Louis County.  By installing frames,
windows, doors and venting, we can achieve the best possible seals for
long-term exterior protection.

Currently, Amazing Siding installs these additional home improvement products:

  • Replacement
    – energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR®-compliant
    windows manufactured using a Solar Low E, microscopic silver coating; these
    high-performance windows also have extremely durable, fusion-welded PVC/vinyl frames
  • ProVia entryway
    made of attractive, kiln-dried wood-and-glass doors
  • Roofing
    including metal roofs and architectural shingles, specialty shingles, and 3-tab
    asphalt shingles
  • Gutter guards to
    protect your new exterior siding installation

Hardiplank Siding in Manchester, St. Louis Installation Area,
Warranties and Financing

Amazing Siding installs Hardiplank Siding in Manchester as well as our other siding
lines and products.  Homeowners nearby in Ballwin, Chesterfield, Ellisville,
Wildwood, Valley Park, Fenton, Crestwood, Lemay, Des Peres, Webster,
Shrewsbury, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Town and Country, Creve Coeur, Maryland
Heights, Frontenac, Ladue, Clayton, Richmond Heights, University City,
Brentwood, or even in St. Charles are in our installation service area.

Amazing Siding offers homeowners a workmanship
satisfaction guarantee for your finalized siding installation.  We are
committed to providing our customers with great service and proper siding
installation.  We take the time to do the job right the first time using the
manufacturer installation specifications.

Amazing Siding’s exterior house siding brands all have manufacturer
. Interestingly, James Hardie Industries offers some
of the best siding board materials coverage in the entire industry.

Homeowners throughout our St. Louis County service coverage area are welcome apply to finance
siding installation

Contact Amazing
Siding for Hardiplank Siding in Manchester
or in St. Louis
County.  You may call us locally at 636-230-5800, or email us at: stlouis@amazingsiding.com.