Hardie Siding St. Louis

Hardie Siding in St. Louis Is Available Direct from Amazing Siding!

If you are replacing your home’s exterior siding,
consider upgrading to durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly Hardie
Siding in St. Louis
, St. Louis County or St. Charles, Missouri.  This exterior
siding is actually a cement
fiberboard siding
marketed under the brand James
Hardie Plank Siding
, the creators of cement fiberboard in Australia.

Currently, cement fiberboard and/or Hardie Siding are the
most popular forms of exterior siding in the United States, with over 4 million
installations.  James Hardie Industries originally developed and fabricated
this exterior siding for homeowners living in the extreme conditions, high
summer temperatures, and high ultraviolet exposure in Australia’s Outback and
interior deserts.

This kind of residential siding is exceedingly durable and
designed to withstand a wide range of extreme climate conditions.  From the
non-combustible, component materials (Portland cement, cellulose fibers, ground
sand and additives) to the customized fabrication based on eight climate
factors, Hardie Siding for St. Louis residents can withstand the
extremes of temperatures and precipitation while looking great on year home!

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Custom, Optimized Cement Fiberboard Siding

Hardie Plank Siding
, originally created for extremely hot
and dry climates, is available as a customizable exterior siding.  With the
customization for climate conditions, this siding is truly and ideally suited
for your home.  Already one of the most durable products on the market, James
Hardie Industries’ products are now available with optimized performance attributes
relative to local climate conditions.


Your customization can account for eight distinct climate variables, such as:

  • Amount of ultraviolet light (UV-light) exposure
  • Temperature ranges and extremes specific to local geography
  • Exposure to major severe weather systems and storms
  • Local topographical features affecting local weather conditions
  • Overall rainfall and precipitation
  • Humidity levels and extremes
  • Snowfall or winter precipitation amounts
  • Hail (for impact resistance)

Additionally, James Hardie Industries’ ColorPlus®
Technology guarantees a uniform, consistent color
for the siding.  By utilizing a multiple-step, proprietary paint application
process that bakes-on multiple layers of paint, the finished product easily
withstands local Missouri conditions including seasonal temperature extremes, wind,
hail, heavy rains, winter precipitation, seasonal thunderstorms and general thermal
cycling.  Your finish, just like the siding, is designed to last.

In addition, the paint resists fading from
ultraviolet light exposure over the years by as much as 30% more than similar

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Siding Options and Insulation

With any exterior siding, choose insulation materials that will withstand local seasonal weather extremes.
Be sure to review you home siding insulation
.  Amazing Siding uses professional-grade insulation materials,
backboards, foam boards, home weatherization wraps and urethane sealants.

Insulation materials help to lower your electricity and
fuel bills, reduce outside noise, and protect your house from water intrusion
and the damaging effects of mold, mildew, rot and even most insects.  If you need
information about insulation materials, please ask an Amazing Siding
representative for recommendations.

Watch a Brief Video
about the Differences of Exterior Siding Styles

When Amazing Siding installs Hardie Siding in St.
, we use:

  • Professional-grade insulation materials and backing for siding
  • Tyvek Homewrap—a great choice for a home weatherization wrap
  • Contractor-grade galvanized nails
  • Commercial-grade acrylic urethane sealants

These professional-grade products protect
your home’s structure, so, they are certainly worth the expense.

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Professional Siding Installation

Amazing Siding installs exterior siding lines in the St.
Louis metropolitan area.  We serve homeowners St. Louis, in St. Louis County,
Clayton, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Town & Country, Fenton,
Manchester, Wildwood, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Kirkwood,
Sunset Hills, Crestwood, and homeowners in other suburbs.

Additionally, we install other exterior siding lines in
the St. Louis market including very popular lines, such as:

We also install the longest siding lengths of Hardie
Siding in St. Louis
.  By using longer lengths of this pliable, moldable
siding, your installers can provide your house with more secure siding for
difficult areas such as soffits, eaves and
and trim area.  The longer lengths also provide for a nearly
seamless appearance upon completion.

Installation Workmanship and Materials Guarantees

Expert contractors will install your new Hardie Siding
in St. Louis
.  We use the manufacturer’s specifications and installation
instructions.  Our installers are trained for Hardie Siding installations.  Additionally,
the manufacturer has a substantial materials warranty.

Amazing Siding guarantees
all installation work
performed by our installers (review
Amazing Siding’s warranty

We are your local St. Louis contractors.  We offer and
install some of the best exterior siding available anywhere. Amazing Siding has
been in business since 1989.

are available for Amazing Siding customers
in St. Louis County and St. Charles.

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