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Amazing Siding
installs residential exterior siding including Hardie Board in Kirkwood,
Missouri, St. Louis, and for metropolitan homeowners in Sunset Hills,
Crestwood, Webster, Lemay, Webster Groves, Shrewsbury, Fenton, Ladue,
Frontenac, Clayton, Manchester, Chesterfield, Valley Park, Des Peres, Creve
Coeur, and in other nearby communities.  James
Hardie Plank Siding
(also called Hardie Board or cement
fiberboard exterior siding
) is an ecologically friendly residential
siding.  Non-combustible materials including cellulose fibers, Portland cement,
ground sand and additives comprise Hardie Board.

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Fire Resistant Exterior Siding with Options

The James Hardie Industries’ siding uses non-combustible
base materials components and ecologically friendly production techniques.
This cement fiberboard easily withstands one-hour fire testing methods.  This
fire-resistant siding brand, or Hardie Board, for Kirkwood homes
improves the style of homes, usually increases property values, and is also available
in a wide range of color options and textures to suite almost any homeowner.
Additionally, Kirkwood homeowners can have the peace of mind that
non-combustible materials can offer; and home exteriors are protected from other
dangerous or damaging conditions including climate factors.

With the wide range of colors choices and textures
available with ColorPlus® Technology, Kirkwood and St. Louis
homeowners, historic property owners, renovators, or even new neighborhood
developers have the options needed to match colors and architectural styles
throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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Optimize Your Kirkwood Home Siding for Climate

Amazing Siding, your experienced local installation contractor for
James Hardie Industries’ Hardie Board in Kirkwood, want you to know that
homeowners can take advantage of a truly innovative feature—climate optimization!  You can improve the
performance of the siding and paint tailored for eight specific climate

James Hardie Industries’ optimization techniques factor
in climate variables such as:

  • Ultraviolet light exposure
  • Seasonal thermal cycling temperature extremes
  • Seasonal precipitation extremes
  • Humidity levels and extremes
  • Snowfall and winter precipitation
  • Exposure to severe weather patterns
  • Topographical features that affect weather
  • Hail impact resistance

Therefore, your Hardie Board for Kirkwood homes is
an extremely, long-lasting exterior siding with the options to improve
durability.  Siding may be optimized to accommodate seasonal moisture levels,
prevent water intrusion into exterior walls, and to withstand extreme temperature
fluctuations and ultraviolet light that quickly age many types of residential siding,
such as aluminum
or wood siding,
and paints.

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Proprietary Painting Technique Provides Options

Hardie Board for Kirkwood,
St. Louis, St. Charles or St. Louis County homes is finished using a
proprietary painting application technique, or ColorPlus® Technology.
This process bakes-on paint in multiple layers.  This provides a finished
product with a truly consistent color.  Additionally, this painting technique
resists fading from ultraviolet light.  With this painting process, your finish
for Hardie Board in Kirkwood:

  • Has a consistent color for the entire siding length
  • Provides the best resistance to prolonged seasonal temperature extremes
  • Lasts as much as twice as long as field-applied paints
  • Resists fading caused by ultraviolet light exposure over the years—as much as 30% more
    than many painting techniques
  • Has the color options and texture choices to match your style

By considering climate variables and the painting
techniques, professional installation of Hardie Board in Kirkwood should
protect your house for many, many years to come.

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Additional Home Exterior Siding Products

Amazing Siding installs other exterior siding products,
as well as, insulation
for your home’s exterior walls.  We utilize
professional-grade insulation backer boards, foam boards and other backing
materials, commercial-grade urethane sealants, contractor-grade nails, and Tyvek home weatherization wraps.
Our other home siding lines include:

Our vinyl siding is fabricated using pure virgin vinyl
not inferior or recycled materials that can negatively affect performance and

Warranties and Installation Guarantees

Amazing Siding is a local, trusted installation contractor
for siding and for James Hardie Industries’ siding in St. Louis.  We install James Hardie
products correctly, employing their specifications and techniques.  Amazing
Siding also provides an installation
, regardless of the exterior siding line.  All siding lines
have substantial materials warranties.  Learn
more about Amazing Siding’s satisfaction guarantee

are available, so, ask about financing Hardie
Board in Kirkwood
or St. Louis metropolitan area.

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