Chesterfield Cement Siding

St. Louis County and Chesterfield Cement Siding Installation Service

An Environmentally Friendly, Durable, Fire-Resistant Siding

In Chesterfield, cement siding or cement
, sold under the brand James
Hardie Plank Siding
is available direct from Amazing Siding of St.
Louis.  James Hardie Industries created this environmentally friendly siding over
100 years ago in Australia.  New formulations and customization options allow
homeowners to have a residential exterior siding optimized for increased
performance relative to local climates.  This siding is not only the most
popular siding in the USA (over 4 million homes!); it will also protect your residence
for many years to come.

From environmentally friendly fabrication techniques, to
component materials, to eliminating periodic painting, your cement siding
offers eco conscious homeowners options to “go green,” and still have an
attractive residence with durable siding.  Your Chesterfield, cement siding
installation from Amazing Siding will add new character to your home’s style
and look great for years to come!

In Chesterfield,
Cement Siding Is Available from Amazing Siding in St. Louis

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Cement fiberboard siding is comprised of non-combustible
materials and is fire resistant as well as environmentally friendly.  One-hour
fire testing proves that the siding can withstand considerable amounts of heat.
It is highly unlikely that flying embers making contact with the siding will
ignite the structure.

Of course, no siding is completely resistant to fire, it
depends on the situation, but the additional safety afforded by the siding
materials can give homeowners a bit of peace of mind.

We also install cement siding in the St. Louis
metropolitan area including in Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Manchester, Wildwood,
Ballwin, Town & Country, Ladue, Valley Park, Fenton, Kirkwood, Clayton, Crestwood,
and in other suburbs in St. Louis County.

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Exterior Cement Siding Optimized for St. Louis Climate

Amazing Siding, through James Hardie Industries, offers customers
a truly interesting siding option—you can have your cement siding optimized for
increased performance in the local climate!  For installations in St. Louis
area or in Chesterfield, cement siding from James Hardie Industries
allows you to customize your residential siding for optimal performance.

Hardie Plank Siding
was created to endure extremely hot,
dry summers, but this customization option factors eight major climate and
weather factors into fabrication.  Increase your home siding’s performance
attributes by customizing the siding itself for the following:

  • Ultraviolet light (UV-light) levels exposure based on location
  • Temperature ranges for thermal cycling, specifically the hottest summer temperatures
  • Precipitation amounts and extremes
  • Humidity and seasonal extremes
  • Snowfall and winter precipitation extremes
  • Exposure to regional weather patterns
  • Topographical features influencing weather patterns

Therefore, Chesterfield cement siding takes into
account seasonal moisture levels and climate factor extremes that typically age
other siding quickly, such as aluminum
or wood siding.
By optimizing Chesterfield cement siding for
local climate to improve performance and resist the weather, you protect your
exterior, your home and you should see a reduction in energy costs.  Amazing
Siding installs the longest siding lengths.  This provides a nearly seamless
appearance, and it also decreases the amount of voids and edges, thus reducing
areas requiring sealing—this should reduce the chances of water damage, mildew,
mold or even insect damage.

James Hardie Plank Siding also provides customers with a
wide range of color options and textures including smooth surfaces, wood
grains, cedar shingles, clapboards or even stucco. By using a proprietary
painting application process, ColorPlus® Technology, paint is
baked-onto the siding in multiple layers giving the siding a truly consistent

Residential Exterior Siding Lines

Besides Chesterfield cement siding, Amazing
Siding installs the very popular APEX®
Fiberglass Siding
(simulated wood grains with dark and bold color
choices not available with many siding lines), our own impermeable acrylic Amazing Plank
, and a high quality vinyl siding
that is fabricated from virgin vinyl, not from inferior materials.

We also install professional-grade insulation materials,
backerboards, foam boards, home weatherization wraps, and use
professional-grade urethane sealants and nails.  Learn about insulating
available for residential installations.

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Installation Work Guarantee and Manufacturer Warranties

Amazing Siding installs James Hardie Industries’ siding
correctly.  Our installers use the manufacturer’s recommended techniques,
guidelines and specifications.  The actual siding and other products have
substantial materials warranty coverage as well.

We also offer a satisfaction
on all of our installation workmanship.  Learn
more about Amazing Siding’s warranty policy

options in Chesterfield for cement siding
or James Hardie
Plank Siding is available.  Ask your Amazing Siding representative about

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