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Cement siding for Clayton, and St. Louis area residences, provides homeowners with one of the best and
most popular products available on the market.  Cement siding is an extremely reliable,
fire-resistant cement
fiberboard siding
that is a popular alternative to residential wood
exterior siding
and other forms of siding.   Amazing Siding in St.
Louis (Ellisville, MO) offers the popular James
Hardie Plank Siding
products in the St. Louis market.

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What Is Cement Exterior Siding?

Cement exterior siding is a product type, and it is frequently called cement siding
or cement fiberboard. The brand is James
Hardie Plank Siding
. Cement siding is an environmentally friendly
product composed of cellulose fibers, Portland cement, ground sand and
additives. Therefore, from the base materials, the siding is already a fire
resistant product; and the fabrication process is also environmentally
friendly.  James Hardie Industries’ siding products offer homeowners a
fire-resistant product tested to withstand extreme summer heat and one-hour fire testing.

You can optimize the performance of James Hardie siding for
eight specific climate variables.  By considering climate factors during the
fabrication process, your residential siding has optimal performance attributes
based on specific, local climate variables.

Your cement siding in Clayton can be customized for:

  • Temperature extremes, particularly heat
  • Ultraviolet light (UV-light) levels or exposure
  • Humidity levels and seasonal extremes
  • Rain and seasonal extremes
  • Snowfall and winter precipitation amounts
  • Hail impact
  • Exposure to major regional weather patterns
  • Topographical features influencing weather

Your cement siding for Clayton installations is
customized with your preferred color and texture.  Using a proprietary,
multi-step, paint application process, or ColorPlus® Technology, that
bakes-on paint, James Hardie Industries creates exterior siding colors that will
remain consistent for many years with no or little fading.  You can choose
texture options including wood grains, clapboards, cedar shingles, smooth
surface, or even stucco-like textures.

Additionally, Amazing Siding installs the longest siding
lengths.  With longer lengths of pliable, moldable siding, your siding
installation is more secure, particularly in difficult areas including eaves,
, soffits and trim.

Using cement siding in Clayton provides
homeowners with a durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly product that
will look great for years.  Originally created for use in the extreme summer heat
of Australia’s Outback and arid continental interior, this exterior siding
product is now the most popular siding in the USA with over 4 million
installations and counting!

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Popular Residential Siding Options

James Hardie Plank Siding is also rapidly becoming the
popular alternative to wood siding
because of durability, color options, texture options, fire
resistance, and ease of installation.  Cement siding in Clayton or
specifically James Hardie siding is available from your local, trusted, siding installation
contractors at Amazing Siding.  In business since 1989, we continue to provide Clayton
and St. Louis metropolitan homeowners with the exterior home protection, professional-grade
insulation materials, and professional contractor installation services
required to spruce up old residences or protect new homes alike.

Amazing Siding installs additional exterior siding products
and professional-grade insulation materials to protect area homes.  We have siding lines
available for the St. Louis market including:

Learn about differences
in siding styles
so that you can choose the best option for
your home in Clayton.

Siding Choices and Insulation Materials Options

When Amazing Siding installs cement siding in Clayton,
or other siding lines, we utilize professional-grade insulation materials that
will help reduce electricity bills and heating costs while protecting your
exterior walls.  With James Hardie products, we install the best home
weatherization wrap on the market, namely Tyvek Homewrap.  We also use
professional-grade nails, and acrylic urethane sealants for secure

Learn more about
insulated residential siding
, backerboards, foam
boards, and other professional-grade insulation materials.

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Cement Siding Warranty and Our Guarantee

Amazing Siding uses James Hardie Industries’ specific
installation instructions and techniques every time we install their siding in
Clayton and St. Louis County.  Additionally, we guarantee all Amazing Siding installation
work with a customer
satisfaction guarantee
. Learn
more about Amazing Siding’s warranties

St. Louis Installation Service Area

Amazing Siding installs high quality, durable, residential
exterior siding in the St. Louis metropolitan market.  We provide service in Clayton,
Frontenac, University City, Brentwood, Ladue, Richmond Heights, Creve Coeur,
Maryland Heights, Kirkwood, Des Peres, in St. Louis, and in other nearby suburban
St. Louis County communities.

Amazing Siding, in business since 1989, is your trusted contractor for Clayton and St. Louis County residential siding installations.

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